2018-19 NRAS Year Incentive Claim Update

AAHS has been working with property managers throughout the year to ensure we have all the relevant documents and that they are submitted on time.  AAHS submitted all our NRAS Incentive claims to the Department of Social Services (DSS) for the 2018-19 year on Friday 10 May, well in advance of the June 30 deadline.

The DSS will now process the claims and, once assessment is complete, will issue the Federal portion (Refundable Tax Offset Certificate) of the NRAS Incentive to AAHS.  AAHS will issue the Refundable Tax Offset (RTO) Certificates to our Investors as soon as they are available, via email. Your RTO will also be available via our Investor Portal. We will keep our Investors informed on progress through regular updates

The State Government cash portion of the Incentive will be paid by each respective State once advice from DSS is issued. Generally, this takes eight to ten weeks after the Federal portion of the Incentive has been issued.

Please be sure to regularly check in to our website for updates on Incentive claims, which will be posted as they become available.