AAHS is one of the largest approved participants in delivering affordable rental housing for low to moderate income households under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). With a proven governance framework and an experienced team of NRAS compliance specialists, AAHS has established a well-deserved reputation within the affordable housing sector. 

AAHS is focussed on delivering housing solutions that will provide purpose-built accommodation for residents with SDA housing funding.  These opportunities are delivered in partnership with trusted care providers that are the forefront of care for residents.  Contact us if you are interested in the investment opportunities for these life changing developments. 

With a growing seniors population, the current retirement living market has neglected those seniors with limited capital to enter the retirement sector.  AAHS is exploring opportunities for those seniors to enter the retirement living market and gain all the benefits that purpose built seniors accommodation offers. 

Housing affordability can challenge many Australians keen to enter the property market. AAHS is currently developing a shared equity financial product, due to be launched in 2019, that will help create more affordable housing opportunities.