AAHS holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) which enables the provision of financial services. Utilising this AFSL, AAHS is licensed to issue and deal in securities and can act as a Responsible Entity to Managed Investment Funds. As such, AAHS can provide a broad range of services in the NRAS Compliance and Funds Management sector – specific and tailored for the Community Housing Sector.

With a proven governance framework and wealth of experience in NRAS compliance, AAHS is responsible for the management of over 4,500 properties across the country on behalf of its investors and external investors utilising AAHS compliance services.

AAHS is equipped to explore a range of innovative finance models to support the provision of residential homes and ensure renting is more affordable and home ownership is more achievable.

AAHS partners a range of qualified, licensed managing agents to provide high quality property management services to our investors.